The Secret To Golf Swing Consistency

Golf swing consistency is the goal of every golfer. You know you can hit that one in a million shot that you talk about at the 19th hole…but how about making that shot happen more often?

The are many aspects to golf swing consistency that can make it seem overwhelming and unachievable…but there is one aspect that every golfer should consider, that will have a dramatic impact on golf swing consistency.

We know golfers hit hundreds of balls every week. They take lessons with some success, but not 100% satisfaction. It’s fun buying new clubs, but did they really make a difference? Did you lower your score by 4-6 strokes?

When trying to achieve a higher level of golf swing consistency, the mechanical component comes in to play. But digging a little deeper will get you to the ‘real’ answer to your lack of golf swing consistency.

If it’s not hitting more balls…or taking more lessons…or buying more equipment what could it be? What’s left to work on? Am I getting warm yet? Are you following where I’m going with this? We’ve just eliminated what seems like everything haven’t we?

We haven’t! There is only one thing left! YOUR BODY! Your “golfing machine”. The one and only thing that can make a direct and almost immediate impact on your golf swing consistency and power.

When you step onto the golf course, do you feel like your body moves efficiently during your golf swing? Do you feel like you can make a full turn with minimal tensions? Can you stay in balance throughout your entire golf swing for 18 holes?

If you answered no to any of the above…it’s time to “get it going!” It’s time to become a “golf athlete!” No longer will you step onto the tee box and feel like an out-of-shape, has-been. You’re going to have an intensely higher level of confidence, and your golf performance will show it.

When you get your body moving better, your golf swing mechanics and golf swing consistency will happen naturally. You won’t have to stress out about it. You can let it go and just play.

It’s time for a new approach to your golf improvement…and it starts now!

You will reach new levels of performance and golf swing consistency.

The Secret To A Better Golf Game

A better golf game is achievable by any golfer. It doesn’t matter what your age is, how good a player you are or how long you’ve been playing. But the key to a better golf game may not be what you think.

The ‘standard’ approach to a better golf game is taking lessons; buying more equipment; and hitting hundreds of golf balls at the range.

Although, the above approach is not altogether incorrect…there is one crucial missing element. That element is your BODY! You swing those fancy clubs; you hit all those balls at the range; and you physically participate in the aspect of taking lessons.

The common denominator is your body. Do you agree? If you don’t, I’d like to hear you’re explanation of why not.

If you are following me, and think I’m remotely correct, then why wouldn’t you work on your body to play a better golf game?

I’m constantly hearing golfers say they’ve taken lessons, bought new equipment and pounded hundreds of balls but still have not seen improvement.

That’s the telltale!

That leaves just one thing…YOU.


Don’t get me wrong…I firmly believe you need an understanding of golf swing technique, and golf equipment can help. But pounding balls just for the sake of doing it won’t help you play a better golf game.

Now picture this.

You do a few simple stretches and golf exercises daily and go out to play. You now realize you can make a bigger backswing with less tension; you have more clubhead speed enabling you to hit longer drives; and you are not worn out on the back nine.

Isn’t that worth the minimal investment in your time?

To play a better golf game…you’ve got to take a different approach than what you are currently doing. One that gets to the root of the problem. The one that’s causing those miss-hits and inconsistencies.

You will be amazed at your outcome if you take this approach. You will finally play a better golf game.

The Proper Golf Swing And How To Achieve It

Every golfer wants to know the magic secret to achieving the proper golf swing. One that is repeatable and produces results. If you have been trying to accomplish such a golf swing through traditional ways and still aren’t happy with your results…you’ll need to keep reading this article to find out why.

You see…it’s your body that is keeping you from achieving the perfect golf swing and playing your best golf! Doesn’t that make sense?

If your body is physically declining, and has limited golf-specific strength and flexibility…you will have a minimal chance at ever achieving the best golf swing.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but this is a fact!

Achieving the proper golf swing

There are certain physical ‘musts’ to achieve a suitable golf swing.

Here are just a couple:

  • Approximately a 90 degree shoulder turn with a 45 hip turn.
  • Golf posture with a slight bend at the hips and in the knees.
  • Start the downswing with the lower body first, maintaining your upper body coil.
  • Impact…you should be ‘behind the ball’ with your head and upper body as the hips are slightly open.
  • Follow through requires maintaining the spine angle you had at address, throughout the follow through.

Now…you don’t see how physical limitations in both strength and flexibility will limit or not allow you to attain the above requirements, I don’t think you’re really looking at it closely.

The golf swing puts the body under tremendous stress throughout the entire swing. Especially the lower back (due to the coiling and uncoiling of the upper body over a stable lower body), hips, wrists and even shoulders.

The ONLY way to achieve the proper golf swing is to physically improve your bodies limiting factors, so that you can finally achieve the proper golf swing.

The Power Exercise In The Golf Swing

It is a proven fact that any power exercise will have a tremendous impact in a persons’ golf swing and golf game in general. In fact any strength exercise will have an impact on the golf game.

However golf specific power exercises will tend to have an even larger impact in your golf swing. To start with they will tend to be less strenuous and more concentrated on the specific muscles that you use during the golf game.

What is more many golf specific power exercises specifically targeted at making a major improvement in your golf swing can be performed in the comfort of the home, office or even while travelling, maybe in some hotel room somewhere.

Benefits of the power exercises

The power exercise in the golf swing that can also tremendously improve on the enjoyment of the game by eliminating pain even as your body is strengthened to play a better game.

For example the following powerful, but simple exercise has helped many golfers gain more endurance to play golf the whole day with endurance and get rid of the usual nagging lower back problems that are extremely common on the course.

This power exercise in the golf swing also makes such a tremendous difference in your strength that you have to try it to believe and experience the impact yourself.

This power exercise in the golf swing is done by lying flat on the ground on your stomach with your hands at your sides. You then raise your chest and upper body as well as arms and legs as high as you can.

You do this so that your stomach supports the weight of your entire body. Hold the position and go for a count of 10. Doing this simple exercise for 2 sets daily will completely eliminate your low back pain for good. That is if it has been caused by golf.

There are a number of other power exercises in the golf swing that can make a tremendous impact on any golf game.

The Basics Of Learning Golf

Golf is one of America’s most popular sports. People of all ages want to play golf. Without learning golf, one cannot play golf properly. You need to learn the basics of the game and then practice them to become proficient.

For learning it, you have to join a Golf Academy, which has all the required facilities. Apart from the common facilities, the academy should have good instructors, where the learner can have personal attention.

This is very important for a beginner because he may have lot of questions and unless one gets one to one interaction with the instructor, he may not feel comfortable. Getting personalized attention such as one to one, though ideal but may be difficult. Therefore, you should be happy if you get an acceptable ratio of three or four to one.

Instructor Is the Key

Learning Golf from an instructor having following traits would be ideal, because he is the one who will not only teach you ABCs of the game but will take you to the next levels one by one.

1. The Instructor should be able to chalk out a personal plan and then he should ensure that the plan works as planned and desired.

2. Swing, which is natural and is difficult to change. Due emphasis must be given to swing. It is for the instructor to improve your swing. The instructor should be knowledgeable enough to explain the fundamentals leading to swing.

3. The instructor must ensure that your game improves every day. There is a saying that “You’ll get worse before you get better!” but you and your instructor should try to prove it wrong.

4. The instructor must behave like a friend; he should encourage you for a good shot and should correct it if there is something wrong or not-so-good shot.

5. The instructor must have the habit of less talking and more teaching. He should always focus on the training, similarly as a learner one should also follow it but aim at learning only.

6. The instructor is like a life partner as far as the Golf is concerned, he is always there to help, guide and support you.

That is why Learning Golf is not as easy as any other sport. One has to put all necessary efforts to learn and become a good player.